Cello8ctet Amsterdam is Oihana Aristizabal Puga, Sanne Bijker, Claire Bleumer, Karel Bredenhorst,
Stephan Heber, Rares Mihailescu, Marcus van den Munckhof and Lieselot Watté.

“Eight top cellists… Total technical perfection, intensity and colourful interpretation.” (The Strad, 2009). A unique ensemble in the world of music, Cello8ctet Amsterdam stands for new music and successful crossovers between various musical styles and arts.

Since its formation under the name Conjunto Ibérico in 1989, the Octet has offered radiant performances of more than 70 original works dedicated to them by many of today’s most notable composers, including Xenakis, Gubaidulina, Riley, Kagel and Glass. Upon hearing the première of his work for the Octet, Arvo Pärt said “The Octet is a piece of gold, I discovered this group 10 years too late.”

The Octet’s repertoire further contains many startling arrangements which have been recorded on 16 cd’s and have pleasantly surprised many an audience over the years. This combination of new music and arrangements has helped the Octet to become an inspiration to cellists all over the world.

Cello8ctet Amsterdam has booked great successes in the world of the musical theatre. In a co-production with Oorkaan, a Dutch organisation focussing on music theatre for young audiences, they have created the  production “Cellostorm”, directed by Dagmar Slagmolen. This show has been extremely succesful and has been nominated for two prestigious international awards: YAMA award in 2014 and YEAH award in 2015. Another co-production was made with Orkater, specialised in creating contemporary music theatre. “Una Pura Formalita” brought newly written music by Micha Hamel and the Octet shared the stage with world class actors Pierre Bokma and Porgy Franssen.

Cello8ctet Amsterdam has shown enormous diversity over the years: concerts with singers Karin Strobos and Teresa Berganza, performances with Hadewych Minis and Bløf, dance productions with Conny Janssen’s Rotterdam dance company and Caribbean grooves with Izaline Calister.

In addition to performances in Europe’s most prominent concert halls, Cello8ctet Amsterdam has performed in the US, Canada, Central and South America, Asia and the Middle East. Quoting world-famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma: “This ensemble is a treasure indeed, a fine example to the world of music… Wherever I play: Brazil, Japan, USA, people talk to me about the Cello Octet…”